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Couture Law, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is dedicated to helping clients and their families resolve the difficult legal issues involved in family law, divorce, custody, child support, workers' compensation matters and personal injury. The legal system is confusing and complicated. We can help. We offer personalized and cost-effective legal services focused on conflict resolution and minimizing costs to our clients, without sacrificing our client's rights. We understand what is at stake and the lasting impact that the outcome of a case can have on everyone involved.

There are a lot of law firms in Albuquerque. We work hard to show our clients that we are not just another “big-box” firm. Achieving success for our clients is our mission.


Family Law

Divorce is painful and can be expensive. We will work hard to make your divorce fast, fair and as inexpensive as possible.

Custody can be contentious. It is important to keep the children's interest in mind before your own. Couture Law can help you make sure that the children's interests, and your own, are protected.

Kinship Guardianships and adoptions are used in different situations. Couture Law can help you determine if a kinship guardianship or adoption is right in your situation.

Child Support and alimony issues can be complicated. Couture Law can help you assert your rights.

Wills and powers of attorney protect your wishes in the event that you can no longer make your wishes known. Couture Law can help you draft documents that make sure your wishes are followed.

Workers' Compensation

If you have been hurt at work, you have rights. Figuring out what those rights are, and figuring out how to understand the confusing workers’ compensation law, is difficult. Let us help you protect those rights and make sure you receive all of the benefits you deserve. Click here for more information.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured, you have rights. You may be entitled to damages for your injury. Let us help you figure out how to make the most of a bad situation.


Sometimes the courts are not the answer. Litigation is expensive and sometimes everyone loses in the end. Mediation looks for a win-win solution and is usually cheaper and faster than litigation. Whether or not you have already started the court process, mediation is an option that can save time, money and frustration. We are award-winning in our alternative dispute resolution. Let us help you.